Detroit Is Beautiful

Over the last couple of months of exploring my new host city, I’ve heard the negative comments, from those in the suburbs, as well as those back home. From people who have never been to Detroit, and those who hate it for one reason or the other. What I’ve found is, people just want to have something to say. And I’m glad I don’t listen. We have traveled around and I have taken many flicks of all the beauty Detroit has to offer. This is me, celebrating the positive of beautiful Detroit, MI. [95 % of the pics I took myself, can you guess which ones aren’t mine?]


Lets get on the 94 and explore…






Woodward avenue (M-1) is a main thoroughfare with a lot of historical buildings to look at. Excuse the construction. They are building a light rail. And this is where your Detroit teams play. [Pistons coming soon]



A closer look at Woodward while the sun sets

Woodward [net].jpg



I’m sure many of you watched Martin growing up. This was the building it “took place” in. 2900 Jefferson ave.






Downtown Detroit [The Guardian Building]

Building downtown.jpg


it’s beautiful inside

Inside the Guardian.jpg



Inside twice.jpg


Front of the GM buildings via Jefferson ave



Comerica Park during the Day

Comerica [day].jpg


Comerica Park at dusk

Comerica [night].jpg


Belle Isle

Belle Fountain.jpg


Airial view Belle Isle.jpg



Cadillac Square

Cadillac Square.jpg


The Lac.jpg




Wayne county courthouse.  Historical buildings astound me

Court house.jpg


Greektown is awesome. Food, Casinos, and a popular hang out spot.



Eastern Market is the ish man! It’s crackin’ every Saturday

Eastern Market Map.jpg


Veggies, Fruit, plants, clothing, coffee and a whole lot more! They have what you need!

Inside Eastern Market.jpg



Outside of Eastern Market

Outside EM.jpg



Yes you’re reading that correctly, the MGM Grand




The Spirit of Detroit

Spirit of Detroit.jpg


The Fist of Joe Louis

Joe Louis Fist.jpg


Goodnight from The D

Detroit Skyline.jpg


To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Detroit Is Beautiful”

    1. Never let anyones opinions (especially if negative) dictate your decisions. I would get the same responses, even when I moved here. A lot of times in life we have to experience things for ourselves. I realized most people who complain about Detroit have never been here!


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