Maturation of Matthew

Without arguably one of the best receivers to ever lace’em up, Matthew Stafford lead the Detroit Lions to a winning record in 2016. Albeit, it was only 9-7, but one can argue a trip to the playoffs is better than not going at all.

Stafford Spread the Ball around more than he ever had in his 8 year career. He was forced to trust his entire receiving corps. Even becoming more accurate than any point in his career, throwing only 10 picks. The lowest amount since becoming a Lion.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.03.34 PM.png

Maybe this is what happens when you are stripped of your security blanket. It forces you to put trust into a group of men you have to go to battle with. At one point, Stafford had only thrown 1 pick between October 9th – December 4th.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.06.48 PM.png

The most underrated part of Stafford’s game this past season wass his mobility. He actually amassed more rushing yards than Ameer Abdullah. Ok, maybe that’s a misleading statement. Amber played in two games. But, Matthew was fourth on the team in rushing yards. And that is saying something considering the Lions had one of the most anemic rushing attacks I’d ever witnessed.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.15.31 PM.png

The willingness to use his feet and pick up first downs.


I can’t remember the last time I rooted for a team that wasn’t from Oakland, but considering the circumstances, I was  happy to be watch good football courtesy of my new host city. If Matthew Stafford can keep this up, we will be talking Lions in the Playoffs for a few more years.

Matthew is actually on his way to a huge payday. It would behove him to negotiate before Matt Ryan gets his payday though. He won’t have a lot of leverage if the Falcons signal caller wins the Super Bowl.


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