Idling In Inconsistency

Truth time: I’m killing on NBA 2k with the Pistons right now, to make myself feel better. KCP is shooting primarily mid range shots, there’s a ton of pick & roll with Andre, and Reggie is racking up assist. If only this were real life.

On to the real game.

The Detroit Pistons, dug themselves another massive hole, this time against the Milwaukee Bucks. At one point the Pistons were down as much as 22. They started off extremely slow. Sluggish even. Scoring just 19 points in the first quarter, and 15 in the second. Not exactly a recipe for victory.

Out of 9 back to backs the Pistons have played so far this season, they have only successfully won both games once. Which is a big reason forĀ the reason 26-30 record.

But because of the uninspired play of many Eastern Conference teams the Pistons are still the 8th seed thus far. And just a half game back of the BullsĀ for the 7th seed.

Good news is the Bulls lost their third game in a row lastĀ night, and the 6th seed Pacers lost their fourth game in a row tonight. But that’s about all the Pistons had going in their favor.

The box score was amazingly awful. The poster child of inconsistency on the team, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope underwhelmed with 7 points. On 2/10 shooting. His last 10 games before tonight, including his 38 point performance goes as follows:

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 12.36.57 AM.png

Day in, and day out none of us know what Pistons team is going to show up. Obviously we want to see them succeed.

Tonights box score was telling. You can’t usually tell the flow of the game by one, but tonight you can see why they lost without watching the game:

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 12.40.52 AM.png

7/21 from distance. I would love to ask Stan Van Gungy why they keep shooting, and every night it’s a horrible percentage. The Pistons are ranked 29th in team 3 point makes (7.7), and 27th in 3 point percentage (33.6). And they keep firing away! Someone has to answer to this. Someone has to explain why do players get to run wild on offense. What’s wrong with an easy bucket? What’s wrong with off-ball screens for easy buckets? Two point buckets.

Something has to change and fast. Either make moves to get better, or blow this thing up, go young, and prepare for aĀ youth movement in Downtown Detroit.āœŒšŸæ






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