Pistons vs Pacers Game Recap

The Detroit Pistons (31-33) had a huge opportunity in front of them tonight against the Indiana Pacers (33-31). With 18 games left on the season, playoff positioning is in full force.

Detroit came out very sluggish, and it’s not the first time they came out flat for a big game. Andre Drummond was the only player from the starting line up playing with energy early on. But his limited offense hindered his ability to score on many put back attempts.

But in the second quarter, the bench unit who I’ve dubbed “The Voltron Unit” came in to save the day, and make it a game — as usual.


Tobias Harris, and Stanley Johnson came in to interject life into this lethargic starting unit. By halftime, Tobias had 18 points and 4 rebounds, and Stanly Johnson had 10 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assist.

Plus there was this:

The starting unit looked out of rhythm completely.


3rd quarter came, and the Pistons continued their trend of being a tale of two halves team. They came out on fire, and started with a 7-0 run. Complete with Andre Drummond trying to dominate, and scoring and even completing  an And 1. Meaning he made a free throw yay!

But Indiana ended the quarter on a 25-8 run

In the fourth quarter the Pacers took control from the gate. They realized they had more of a cohesive unit, and the Pistons, tend to not show up when it matters. In other words, they reverted back to their slow start. They took the lead once but took their collective foot all the way off the gas, and ended up down by 20.

In the end, the Pacers had too much fire power, and too many players who showed up to play. The playoff mindstate is developing for everyone else but the Pistons. Reggie Jackson ended the game with 4 points 5 assist, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope ended the game with 2 points, and Andre Drummond had 14 points & 15 rebounds. This inconsistent, jekyll and hyde play won’t bode well in the playoffs. At all.

Pacers end up beating the Pistons 115-98, and Detroit look like an easy target going into the playoffs — if they make it, with this inconsistent play.

This was a huge opportunity to show what they were made of, and established relevancy. They’ll have to try again tomorrow.✌🏿


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