Chasing Number 4

It’s evident more than ever, that the Detroit Pistons need a playmaker. Everyone on this team is either a role player, or a complimentary player. In other words, everyone on this team is average, or slightly above average. Which is why most Pistons fans tend to hang their fan hats on Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

But, even with Caldwell-Pope, no one stands out. Not even the only All-Star on the team, Andre Drummond.With his limited offense and atrocious free throw percentage.

Wait, here me out, I’m not writing to bash the Pistons. I want to find a solution, together. What would get Detroit over the hump? Drafting is a lengthy process when you consider development. In rare occasions you can find a rookie that contributes quickly, and this draft is allegedly stacked with talent.

Free Agency could work, but you have to sale a potential player on the future of Detroit (which is bright) and especially this roster. Ā Again great complimentary pieces in KCP, and Drummond could help.


First you have to trade Reggie Jackson this off season. You can trade him for draft picks, and maybe get lucky and get a Lonzo Ball. Or you can address other issues on this team. Maybe you can talk an impact point guard into playing his home games in Little Caesars Arena, in Downtown Detroit.

No I’m not talking about Steph Curry, Chris Paul, nor Kyle Lowry, no. You can get a Jeff Teague or George Hill, who are definite upgrades over Reggie Jackson.

Let’s talk money:

Some decent money comes off the books this summer, including Josh Smith ($14 MIL), Beno Udrih ($980k), Darrun Hillard ($874k),Ā Nikola Jovanovic ($30k).

Then you have a couple of restricted free agents in, KCP, and Reggie Bullock, and a one player with a player option in Aaron Baynes , who will most likely pick that up, because well, it’s worth $6.5 Million.

Then you have players who are virtually the same player, with crazy contracts. Such as Jon Leuer and his $10.4 Million he’s scheduled to make next year, and Reggie Jacksons astronomical $16 Million he’s due to make next season. If the Pistons want to get better, they have to get on the right side of the money. In other words, they need to see some real bang for their buck.

It’s time to get better, and it’s time to give fans, the front office, and everyone involved with the Pistons something to be excited about. After all next season is the first of many in Little Caesars Arena.

You can’t come into your new state-of-the art arena a loser a-la Sacramento Kings. Detroit is on it’s way to center stage of the world, so great representation is needed more than ever. We want a winner. Everyone loves a winner yes, but Detroit needs something to get behind more than ever. It’s time to build a winner, and chase that fourth ring, at home, with the whole city behind you.They deserve that much.āœŒšŸæ





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