Pistons vs Cavs Game recap

Last night I took a L, but today I bounced back.

-Big Sean

That was the theme for last nights game vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Detroit Pistons showed grit, when they could have easily laid down and been an emotional no show — after the blow out loss to the Indiana Pacers, the night before.

Andre Drummond (20 points & 16 rebounds), came out aggressive early. He set the tone for the team, when they were struggling to score early on. He was crashing the boards — harder than usual. He was clearly on a mission.

The first quarter and a half, it looked as though it was going to be a blow out. It was the Kyrie Irving show, starring LeBron James, and the Cavs pushed the lead to 15. It seemed to be a Cleveland win on the horizon, when the Pistons did their best He-Man impression:

Yes, folks we had a game. Ish Smith, Tobias Harris, and the rest of who I’ve dubbed the Voltron Unit came in with purpose.

Apparently what really sparked the Detroit comeback was Marcus Morris going on a tirade to get the squad fired up. Per Rod Beard:

Well it worked, the Pistons stormed back and took the lead going into halftime.

Fast forward to the fourth quarter, because it got real — entertaining. Reggie Jackson (21 points & 5 assist) found the mojo that he misplaced and left behind in the previous season. Jackson was scored 12 fourth quarter points. On top of that he made great passes, and showed glimpses of being the floor general the Pistons envisioned him being. Begs the question: Why don’t you always play like this? And will you continue playing this? If so, that 6th seed will happen.

LeBron had a triple double (29 points 13 rebounds 10 assist), but in the end, it was too much Reggie Jackson. Yes, you read that right.

The Pistons are once again, within striking distance of the 6th seed Indiana Pacers. 1.5 games back. Next up is the New York Knicks , and that will be interesting. I can’t guarantee a win, because I never know which, Pistons team will show up, but I’m ready! See you tomorrow night✌🏿


Feature Image by Carlos Osorio AP Photo

5 thoughts on “Pistons vs Cavs Game recap”

      1. I feel like it’s way too late in the season for these tirades and to still be inconsistent. Reggie Jackson has Randy Moss Syndrome. He plays when he wants too.

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      2. Lmfao!!!! You’re right tho. Only way they have a shot at winning a couple of games in the playoffs, is grabbing the 6th seed. That’s why they need to get their shit together. It’s about 17 games left

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