Big Sean ‘I decided’ Album Review

On his fourth studio album, Big Sean has put together what he feels is his best, and his most personal album to date. With his last album going platinum, and his Sean going on a full court press of promotion, I decided was a must listen for me.

The intro was inspirational. It lined up with the entrepreneurial message I often speech. It’s a man, seeming to be talking to God, or thinking out loud about his life. Screaming this is not life!

Light¬†(Feat. Jeremiah) Sampling Eddie Kendricks “Intimate Friends” song, (Alicia Keys also used the same sample), Big Sean starts this album off with some inspiration ‚ÄĒ Hip Hop style. This may be my favorite song on the album. Even with the slow melody, Sean is able to deliver a message such as the closing to each verse: “So when they take our fame, take our cribs, take our cars, ¬†now we gotta take the train, hood niggas taking chains, slave owners take our names, 5-0 take the shot, young souls take the blame, man, but they can’t fuck with the light.”

Bounce Back¬†Most likely everyones pump up anthem when it’s time to get up and grind. This song climbed as high as number 6 on the Billboard Top 100, and has been in the top 10 for 17 weeks now. This is the Rap version of, “it’s not how many times you fall, but how many times you get up.”¬†Except now it’s every time you take¬†a L,¬†turn this song on to¬†bounce back!

No Favors I have been waiting to hear this song for quite sometime. Mostly because I kept hearing about the Eminem verse. I think all the hype ruined his verse for me. It was okay at best. I’ve heard him do so much better. He essentially just put a bunch of words together, that happened to rhyme. No real story or punch lines, or complicated rap scheme. Sounded like he was trying to see what rhymed. Other than that the song was good. Beat was a banger.

Jump out the window Cool song. A song about taking a chance on a young lady, and wanting her to leave who ever she is currently involved with

Moves Bars. An uptempo track mixing bars with a commercial feel

Same Time This songs plays like a personal love letter to a certain young lady

Owe Me This song is another song about a woman. Complaining about what they went thru, and going thru again. The hook sums up this song “you so fucking out of line”

Halfway off the balcony By now I’m seeing a theme. This album sounds personal. It plays like a personal diary that Sean decided to share with the world. Slow tempo, but a good song none the less. He obviously had things to get off his chess on this one.

Voices in my head/Stick to the plan A song about conflict within self. A relatable song for everyone, because everyone deals with distractions and procrastination.

Sunday Morning Jet Pack Reflection of his childhood, receiving  inspiration from his grandmother.

Inspire Me A dedication to his mother. Not quite tupac dear mama but it was a solid song that made me want to call my moms.

Sacrifices (Ft. Milos) A song the new generation would definitely would appreciate. Not exactly my cup of tea, but this is most definitely a slapper for someone a lot younger than me.

Bigger Than Me¬†Sean ends the album how he started it ‚ÄĒ with inspiration. With a nice touch at the end with a conversation with his mother. This song, as well as the first song on the album, were worth the purchase alone.


Overall this was a solid album. You can feel the conflict and growth of a man. That’s the interpretation I got from it. Had a couple of ratchet songs, a few¬†inspirational songs, and too many songs to a certain woman he probably should let go of. Either way, it’s a relatable story of an album.

Solid album 4 out of 5.



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