Tareau’s 10 Favorite Detroit Pistons players

What’s up motown. Yea man, I’ve always admired the Detroit Pistons style of play. Tough, rough, rugged, physical. When I was growing up in the late 80s and Early 90s, my 2 favorite teams were my Golden State Warriors and The Detroit Pistons. Too bad I couldn’t play ball at a young age, but as I got older, in the mid 90s, I rebounded like Rodman. Here’s my 10 Favorite Pistons in my lifetime and with respect to Rick Mahorn, Bill Lambier, Adrian Dantley, DaveĀ Bing, and yes even you Brian Cardinal hahaha they didn’t make my list. Nothing personal.

Hopefully the 2017 DetroitĀ Pistons will see our posts and gives them motivation to move up in the standings. I’m rooting for y’all Motown so no more inconsistency. Snatch that 6th seed as the underground voice of the PistonsĀ has been telling y’all. Let’s get it.

10. Tayshaun PrinceĀ 

9. Joe Dumars

8. Isiah Thomas

7. Chauncey Billups

6. Rasheed Wallace

5. Jerry Stackhouse

4. Richard “Rip” Hamilton

3. Grant Hill

2. Ben Wallace

1. Dennis Rodman


6 thoughts on “Tareau’s 10 Favorite Detroit Pistons players”

  1. Hey Tareau! Wassup? Been a while, I been away for a minute. Glad to see you are still going strong on here.

    Lol at this list. Damn, this was a memory jogger. Lol @ the memory of Hamilton in the face mask. Jerry Stackhouse was THE MAN … as was Grant Hill. What happened to these dudes? Are they coaching now?

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    1. What’s up brotha. Yea man hop you doing well. Oh you know Prince of WordPress over here hahahahahaha. Man let’s see, Grant Hill is a minority owner for the Atlanta Hawks and he co hosts NBA inside stuff, RIP Hamilton just had his jersey retired by the pistons and he’s an analysts for NBATV, Chauncey Billups is an Analysts on ESPN and his jersey will be retiring soon, Stackhouse is a head coach in the NBA D-League, Ben Wallace had his jersey retired last year, Rasheed Wallace is an assistant coach, Isiah Thomas is a analysts and Rodman is Rodman hahahahah

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