Detroit Weekly News Review for 3/11 – 3/18 2017

It’s been an interesting week in Detroit

New seats for little caesars arena have been began being installed, a guy opened fire on two officers, who may have been involved in the killing of the Wayne State officer who was killed in November. The CEO of the RTA has been ousted, Ben Carson came to Detroit and embarrassed himself and much more.

The Ugly

  • Trumps anointed  token black guy secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson spoke to concerned Detroiters about the Presidents proposed budget, that would heavily affect programs for vulnerable citizens. Carson, who already was in the embarrassment spot light for his Africans slaves were immigrants comments, had this to say to the concerned: “Forget about the numbers, think about the concept.”

Right because that’s easy to do when your only way to eat may be stripped away from you. Way to look even more out of touch then usual Ben.

  • A 60 year old man was charged with shooting two police officers, and may be connected to the shooting death of officer Rose of the Wayne State police

The Bad

  • AT&T is set to close a call center and cut 53 jobs
  • CEO of the RTA was fired amidst perceived wrong doings. How this will effect the future of transportation of South East Michigan, we’ll have to wait and see, but the next vote for a unified system may not be until the year 2020 now.

The Good

  • The seats to little caesars arena are being installed
  • The QLINE train has been out and about, and the train operators are learning to not only operate, but deal with Michigan drivers


  • Michigan advanced past round 1 of the tournament
  • Greg Elliot of  East English Village High school was named Mr. Basketball of Michigan.Check him out:




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