Fulmer Gets Opening Day Start

Michael Fulmer gets the nod for the unofficial Detroit holiday that is opening day, April 7 vs the Boston Red Sox.

Fulmer who punched out 132 batters last season,  is the reigning 2016 A.L. Rookie of the Year, and the cornerstone of the Tigers bullpen.

Manager Brad Ausmus told Fulmer about the start yesterday morning, and in his words Michael was, “Pretty stoic like he normally is,” Ausmus said.

“Opening Day is always a little more intense,” Ausmus said. “In Detroit it’s even more intense than most cities. But I don’t think that will affect him because of his makeup.”

It shouldn’t, and if you haven’t seen the man pitch last season, here’s some highlights for you, and the Red Sox soak up before the big day, courtesy of MVPFLF via YouTube:

(Feature Photo: Tim Heitman, USA TODAY Sports)

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