Tigers (3-2) vs Red Sox (3-2) Recap (Game 4)

Let’s fast forward to the bottom of the 1st shall we? Miggy’s cold streak is over ladies and gentlemen! That’s right, with Nick Castellanos on 1st,  Miguel Cabrera gets his first hit of the season after an 0-12 start, with a base hit to right field.

Cold streaks in baseball are similar to cold spells in basketball. You see, during dry spells in hoop, sometimes an individual has to see the ball go in the hoop, and ones confidence is restored. In baseball, some times you just have to get a hit to get back to normal. In short, it’s not if the cold streak will be over, but when. Patience people.

Back to the game

After Victor Martinez struck out, Justin Upton, who’s going thru his own slump (1 for 9 batting .111) gets his mojo back, with a slow rolling base hit that ended in center, scoring Nick Castellanos. 1-0 Detroit.

Top of the 2nd Daniel Norris got in some trouble, when he walked Rich Moreland, then gave up a big hit to Sandy Leon ( batting 5-13 on the season),which (lucky for us) turned into a ground rule double — which incidentally saved a run, because Moreland was speeding around that 3rd bag! The very next batter was Pablo Sandoval, and I’m sure Detroiters were holding their collective breath. Norris was able to make him hit a grounder to third base where Nick Castellanos immediately threw it home to get Moreland out.

That Castellanos kid is going to be a player. On both sides of the ball.

Red Sox at bat

With two outs and men on 1st & 3rd, Hernandez gets an opposite field knock to left field, driving in Leon. 1-1 Tie.

Tigers at bat

Ian Kinsler knocks in Andrew Romine for an RBI single. 2-1 Detroit.

Red Sox at bat

Rich Moreland gets his revenge, knocking in his first RBI of the season by smacking one to right center gap and getting a double and driving in Young.

Fast forward to the 7th, with Detroit still holding the lead 3-2, Marco Hernandez manages to get an infield base hit, after a valiant diving effort and throw by Jose Iglesias not being on time, and a bit off.

After that mishap, pitcher, Daniel Norris gets yanked out of the game, (6 1/3 IP, 7H, 2R, 3BB, 2K), Alex Wilson is inserted in.

From Good, to Bad to Worse

Dustin Pedoria hits a ground ball to the Iglesias, who tosses it to second for the double play, which looked good on the surface. However Boston challenged, and Marco Hernandez was deemed safe, due to Ian Kinsler never stepping on second base.

Good challenge by Boston, but the slide continues for Detroit.

Andrew Benintendi then gets a base hit, which drives in Hernandez, but Benintendi got caught trying to be greedy going for 2. None the less, 3-3 tie game.

Tigers at bat

In the bottom of the 7th, Nick Castellanos, comes up with his new and improved swing, and on an 0-2 pitch slaps one over the left field wall, 4-3 Tigers.

Wait For It…

Alex Wilson who came in for Norris, and in the 8th inning, with a 4-3 lead, got behind in the count early against Mookie Betts, 3-0. He then threw a strike, but followed it up with ball four. So, we now have a man on first. Next batter was Chris Young. Wilson serves up a beach ball down the middle of the plate, which results in a base hit to left. But t hat wasn’t the worst part. Instead of Justin Upton throwing to third, or even the cutoff man, he throws the ball high (E-7 error), which landed at home plate, and Betts, as well as Young advance. Now we have a man at 2nd as well as third, no outs. The next batter was intentionally walked (with no pitches thrown), loading the bases.

That marks the end of Wilsons day.

Wilsons replacement Kyle Ryan enters the game, and walked the first batter he faced (Brock Holt) resulting in the tying run waltzing down to home plate. Tie game, 4-4.

The aforementioned hot bat having Sandy Leon comes up to bat, and the first pitch he sees he smacks into the outfield , driving in 2 runs. 6-4 Boston. If I’m calculating right, Leon is now batting . 500 on the season.

Let me remind you, there are still no outs. Pablo Sandoval, comes up, hits into a double play, but the man on third still scores. It’s now 7-4 Boston. The top of the 8th inning was a nightmare.

Bottom of the 8th, Detroit was given an immediate ray of hope when Avila takes an 0-2 pitch opposite field, for a double. Yes folks, we got action — or so we thought. Avila was left stranded on 2nd base island, with no other batters able to bring him home, or start a significant rally.

Tigers then faced Boston closer Craig Kimbrel, going into the bottom of the 9th. Down 7-4, the Tigers lineup was as follows: Kinsler, Castellanos, Cabrera.

There’s hope.

Kinsler was walked.

Castellanos was walked.

Cabrera struck out.

Up comes Victor Martinez ( I love this line up), with Justin Upton looming.

With the count 1-2, professional hitman Martinez smacks one down the right field line driving in Kinsler, and moving Castellanos to third base. It’s now 7-5 Boston.

Upton steps to the plate, goes down 0-2, then strikes out.

Last hope for a win lays on the shoulders of Tyler Collins, who, strikes out. Ball Game. 7-5 Red Sox.

In my opinion, pitching and fielding failed the boys in navy blue. Next game is Today April 10th, @ 1:10PM vs Boston

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